Free your hip!

being relaxed is an important aspect of being able to move anywhere at anytime, learn how to free your hips

This weeks challenge is to relax and drop your free hip.  Anytime you are standing around, in line, waiting for a friend, anywhere you are, put all of your weight on one foot and then free your hip by letting it relax and drop.  Keep your engaged hip squarely on top of your femur. Visualize your tailbone dropping toward te ground, then your free hip.  Both knees will have to bend.  Let the unweighted leg relax completely.

Exploring your range of axis

The ability to move our axis horizontally in space is one of the key ways we communicate, explore just how far you can go.

This week’s challenge is about becoming aware of your line of gravity and range of axis.
Your line of gravity is an imaginary line that rises vertically from the ground, through your center of gravity.   The challenge is to move your center,  that spot at the top of your sacrum, away from the line of gravity without falling over.   Explore how far you can go, and what it takes to go further.

Wear movement like a cloak

Find your tango super powers!

This might take some imagination, but visualize that you are wearing a cloak. It can be warm and fuzzy if you like.
Now imagine that all of your movement comes from the cloak. Connect with the cloak through your back, shoulders and arms. Feel the connectedness of everything it touches.

Intention, Dynamic Tension, and the Line of Gravity.

Dynamic Tension, done well, it is what one friend calls: Jedi Tango!

Launching instead of landing.

From the ministry of Silly walks

From the “ministry of silly walks”,  this week’s challenge is a different way of thinking while walking.   As you are walking somewhere,  think about pushing off into each step rather than arriving in each step.  Think about launching instead of landing.  You may want to try it the other way around to see the difference, but primarily focus on pushing off, and let your steps land where they need to.  Explore how it feels and try different things at the same time to make your walk smooth.


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