Learning to practice is the key to learning any skill, Argentine tango is no exception

It may seem obvious, but it isn’t always, Learn how to practice.

It is really important to focus on movement, and pieces of movement, and to practice them in increasingly bigger chunks as you figure them out. We encourage our students to move slowly through a sticky spot in order to understand it, then work on it in an increasingly larger movement.

Forward head posture and Argentine tango

Bad posture is something that many people struggle with, this is one of the most common problems.

I recently gave a weekly challenge to create awareness of our posture, “Scrunch your shoulders, fix your posture!”. The exercise is specifically targeted at slouched shoulders and a forward head posture. After posting it, I received a few emails from tango dancers and non-dancers, all thanking me for the reminder. Many said that this particular exercise is something they’ve been told to do. As I was writing this article, it came time for another body awareness challenge, so I posted “Balance your head!”, which generated even more feedback. Clearly, bad posture is a problem that many of us are struggling with.

Balance your head

The positon of your head can have a profound affect on your posture, here’s a practice you can do anytime, anywhere

head forward posture is bad for you.This week’s body awareness challenge is continuing with posture awareness. This week we are creating awareness of forward head poster with “balance your head”. Forward head posture can be the source of several other posture problems. All of which make Argentine tango and life, more difficult.

Moving With Your Line of Gravity

Moving the line of gravity literally covers more ground

In the last post I described how the relationship between the center of movement and the line of gravity created internal dynamic tension which is a part of what creates presence or intention within the embrace. Moving the line of gravity literally covers more ground, but is easier to explain than the micro movements that create dynamic tension.


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