Wear movement like a cloak

Find your tango super powers!

This might take some imagination, but visualize that you are wearing a cloak. It can be warm and fuzzy if you like.
Now imagine that all of your movement comes from the cloak. Connect with the cloak through your back, shoulders and arms. Feel the connectedness of everything it touches.

Try not to contort yourself, just take a deep breath, stretch your spine and relax your shoulders, connect with the cloak. Just doing that might feel different from usual.

When you walk imagine the movement forward, coming from the cloak, then moving through you. Imagine the cloak as you open doors, while sweeping or vacuuming, or anything else you can think of. Move naturally and fluidly, but from a comfortable and nicely connected cloak that covers your back, shoulders and arms.

Don’t forget your center of movement! Your center of movement is a spot, just above your sacrum, and slightly in front of your spine.

Relax into it, see how it feels, observe how you move differently.

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