What is the TangoBreath Vinyasa ?

TangoBreath, a Vinyasa Flow of Argentine Tango Movement.

TangoBreath began in my personal practice as an effort to combine individual exercises that are necessary for building proper technique into a flowing sequence connected with breath. The vinyasa flow links together intrinsic tango movements, reaching, transferring weight, and pivoting or spiraling with breathing and visualization elements to help students physically and mentally understand the dynamics of the dance.

TangoBreath is Argentine Tango movement with intention.

TangoBreath helps create good posture and body awareness by moving through all the variations of argentine tango movement with intention and focus.  By being aware of proper posture and movement, the Argentine tango dancer has a distinct advantage in learning the dance. Committing these postures and movements to muscle memory increases any dancer’s ability to use the movement naturally without conscious thought.

TangoBreath is a practice for dancers of all levels.

TangoBreath will help you achieve a smooth walk, “grounded movement,” a loose leg, and effortless pivots — ideal qualities that are often described with abstract language, but rarely explained with accurate descriptions of body mechanics as we do in our TangoBreath class.

Practicing TangoBreath on a regular basis provides:

1. Body awareness and precision muscle memory that is specific to tango movement, including posture and joint alignment, the use of core muscle groups, and awareness of axis, origin of movement, and the body’s center of gravity.

2. Strength and balance, through emphasis on deliberate movement, full weight transfer, and proper use of the pelvic floor and core muscles.

3. Flexibility and ease of movement. We strive to “un”contort our bodies and find natural and graceful movement.

4. Camaraderie and community. It is difficult to find time and motivation to practice repetitious, and often frustrating, exercises on one’s own. TangoBreath is a way to bring folks together to work on technique in an intentional group environment and gives everyone the opportunity to receive feedback and consistent verbal guidance.  Our classes draw dancers of all levels from around Asheville and far beyond.

5. A measure for improvement. By practicing variations of similar movements on a regular basis, we can gauge our individual progress in a more consistent way and gain a feeling of accomplishment.

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