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Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in Asheville Events, Past Events | 0 comments

TangoBreath workshop with two tango classes and a milonga.

TangoBreath workshop with two tango classes and a milonga.

Two special focus tango classes and another great Homewood milonga.

Saturday, February 25th, in Asheville.

At Homewood, 19 Zillicoa, Asheville, NC. Map

Hips, sacrum, coccyx.If you have been to our tango classes, you know we always incorporate the pelvic floor in its role toward solid, fluid and confident movement. Here is your chance to get a full dose of what it takes to be fully aware of how to use your hips, sacrum and tailbone in every tango movement.

Creating a dynamic embrace with internal spiral and the resulting adornos is key to creating smooth fluid movement that feels good to your partner.

Fibonocci spiralWe follow up our pelvic floor class with a class on how to visualize and attain fluid movement. This includes creating dynamic tension and compression within the embrace, and how adornos and internal movement play a part in making the embrace feel amazing, all while we explore several different sacada’s and how to find them. All of the visualizations and technique for creating fluid movement can be applied to all aspects of dancing tango. Learning to find all 36 regular sacada’s can change the way you think about Argentine tango movement, and open doors to many other possibilities. These classes are all level, but will increase in difficulty to challenge dancers of all abilities.


From floor to pelvic floor: free your hip, the rest will follow.  1-2:30 PM Coming to a deeper understanding of our dynamic pelvic region gives access to stable & fluid movement. Using the pelvic floor is the key to being a solid lead or follow.

Visualizing and creating fluid movement on the path to every sacada.  3-4:30 PM Learn visualization and technique to create fluid, delicious movement within the embrace, while we learn how to find all of the sacadas. Visualization of pivots and spiral while creating various adornos is a big part of this class. This class will be equally challenging and interesting to both leaders and followers. The pelvic floor class is a pre-requisite for this class.


Lisa Jacobs will be our DJ.

Acupressure and Tui Na (Chinese massage) by Katie Bruce L.AC.
We are pleased to announce that Katie Bruce L.AC. will be offering acupressure and some Tui Na (Chinese Massage) during the milonga.
Visit Katie’s web site for more information!
Katie will be available from 8:00-10:00 for suggested donation of $10.

Some wine, snacks and, as always, a special treat prepared by Susannah will be provided. BYOB.

Private Lessons

As always, we will be available for private lessons. Please contact us to make arrangements.


Full pass (both classes and milonga) $40
A la Carte “From floor to pelvic floor.” $25
Milonga $12

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