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Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 in Announcements, Asheville Events | 0 comments

TangoBreath and TangoLab classes, Wednesday, February 15th

Argentine Tango classes for beginning and advanced dancers,
Every Wednesday in Asheville!

Join us this Wednesday, for another tangoBreath and tangolab.

Check out our new article on Forward head posture.
Last week’s body awareness challenge is Balance your head!“.

In this week’s class we are continuing with creating a yummy embrace as we explore changes of direction and pivots. Including variations on the incredibly simple ocho cortado.

In TangoBreath we will continue our work from previous classes with adornos by adding a few more.  These movements are becoming more important as we continue to explore their effect within the embrace in TangoLab.

In TangoLab  we will begin, as always, with presence in the embrace and subtle core movement. This is the perfect way to start learning Argentine tango. We will continue working with variations in linear movement while we begin incorporating the many choices in direction when following a pivot.

We will continue our exploration of the ocho cortado and variations. Find out why the ocho cortado is just a fancy name for a simple everyday step. We will examine this very simple movement, and the options for exiting it as single movements which can be applied everywhere, not just following the two steps that are called “ocho cortado”.

As always our class will incorporate changes in direction, and how our internal movement brings life to the embrace. Including how to find which foot your partner is on while creating the opportunity for adornos, and a dynamic, great feeling embrace.

This week’s orchestra is Rodolfo Biagi, perfect for being hit over the head with phrasing and learning to search out sweetness.  This week we will bring out the kiki and bouba, so the music will be extra fun.

Wednesday at Homewood, 19 Zillicoa, Asheville, NC. Map.

Classes start at 7:00, Practica starts at 9:00, BYOB.

There are no prerequisites for any of the TangoLab classes.

TangoBreath: 7:00 $5
TangoLab: 8:00 $5
Practica: 9-11:00 $7
Entire Night: $12

We hope to see you there!

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