Scrunch your shoulders, fix your posture.

Here are some things to try in your everyday life to improve your posture

This week’s body awareness challenge is one that I do all the time. This has really helped me fix my posture.

Every time you stand up, take a nice deep breath, roll your shoulders forward or back and then up around to your ears, and then on around and down to a centered relaxed position. You may want to go around more than once, and maybe in opposite directions. Breath deep, stretch your spine, and let your shoulders find a nice relaxed spot in alignment with your spine. As a last check, while keeping your head level, take another nice breath, make your neck as long as you can stretching for the ceiling.  Adjust your head back and forth until it feels balanced on top of your spine. Your line of gravity should now intersect your head, and your spine, shoulders, neck and head should be where they belong. Apply awareness to your entire spine and hips as well, this adjustment can have an effect all the way down your body.

After some time in front of a computer, or just sitting, this can really help straighten out the posture of your upper spine, shoulders and neck. I’m always amazed at how crooked I can get and how good this feels.

The benefits of good posture are many, making your argentine tango dance better and easier is just a drop in the bucket.

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