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Our Philosophy

On learning Argentine tango

We believe that everything begins with good posture, subtle core movement, subtle communication within the embrace and proper technique. We also believe that the best way to learn is through exploration, discovery, and understanding.


Argentine tango movement and concepts, not steps

Learning the concepts behind Argentine tango movement allows for complete freedom and growth as an Argentine tango dancer.  Understanding natural and healthy tango movement from the inside out gives everyone a solid foundation from which to work as we explore the dance within the embrace. To facilitate natural and healthy tango movement we have developed our TangoBreath vinyasa. The TangoBreath vinyasa is a guided sequence of postures and movement connected with breath. Practicing our TangoBreath vinyasa has proven to improve body awareness, posture and movement both within in the dance and in our day to day lives. See our Article “What is TangoBreath” to read more about our TangoBreath vinyasa.


Accessible but challenging for all levels of dancers

In our classes, we start with posture and sensitivity exercises, focusing on subtle core movement, communication and presence within the embrace.  We then continue with exercises that slowly reveal more complex movements and concepts by adding to the subtle movements of the exercise. Beginners can continue working with what they understand, and more advanced dancers can explore the more difficult concepts.  All dancers lead and follow, and beginners and advanced dancers intermingle, providing a great learning experience for everyone.