Free your hip!

being relaxed is an important aspect of being able to move anywhere at anytime, learn how to free your hips

This weeks challenge is to relax and drop your free hip.  Anytime you are standing around, in line, waiting for a friend, anywhere you are, put all of your weight on one foot and then free your hip by letting it relax and drop.  Keep your engaged hip squarely on top of your femur. Visualize your tailbone dropping toward te ground, then your free hip.  Both knees will have to bend.  Let the unweighted leg relax completely.

Visualize melting into the ground from your sacrum down and stretch your spine to the ceiling.

Benefit to Tango:  This is a great way to improve posture and movement on a daily basis, but you might be wondering about the benefit to tango.   Relaxing and dropping your free hip will require your tailbone to drop and your knees to bend.  Your free leg must be relaxed.

This will lead to:

  • Being stable and solid on the ground.  We don’t use “Grounded” much, but if you want a label there it is.  This is the first part of being “Grounded”.
  • The ability to stay with your line of gravity, due to lower center of gravity and a wider range of axis.
  • More relaxed steps, which will enable boleos to happen.
  • More room for the hips when walking out of line, or around your partner.



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