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Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 in Challenges, Posture, Practice | 0 comments

Aligning our sacrum

Aligning our sacrum

Last week, our challenge was to bring awareness to your sacrum and the ways that your sacroiliac joint moves.

Adjusting your sacrum in two easy steps.

This week, we have encouraged our students to make a more specific adjustment to their sacrum.  This is a good exercise to do when you get up from being seated, when you are standing, and before you begin walking.

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Posted by on Feb 13, 2012 in Article, Beginning, Posture, Visualization | 5 comments

Forward head posture and Argentine tango

Forward head posture and Argentine tango

Bad posture is a common problem.

I recently gave a weekly challenge to create awareness of our posture, “Scrunch your shoulders, fix your posture!”. The exercise is specifically targeted at slouched shoulders and a forward head posture. After posting it, I received a few emails from tango dancers and non-dancers, all thanking me for the reminder. Many said that this particular exercise is something they’ve been told to do. As I was writing this article, it came time for another body awareness challenge, so I posted “Balance your head!”, which generated even more feedback. Clearly, bad posture is a problem that many of us are struggling with.

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Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Article, Beginning, Concepts, History, Posture, Visualization | 0 comments

What is TangoBreath?

We decided to link our practice of tango movement with breath, to create intention

We know that what we do is different, a bit unconventional.  When asked, “What is TangoBreath”, we explain a bit, and sometimes we get,”Cool! Yoga and tango!” other times we get “That sounds like a lot of work, I just want to learn some steps” or “I can practice that on my own”.  There are a number of perspectives to take when looking at what we do.  I thought it might be nice to give you our point of view.

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