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Posted by on Jan 6, 2012 in Article, Beginning, Concepts, Visualization | 0 comments

Intention, Dynamic Tension, and the Line of Gravity.

Intention, Dynamic Tension, and the Line of Gravity.

Dynamic Tension, done well, it is what one friend calls “Jedi Tango”

There are several terms that are regularly used when teaching or learning Argentine tango that are very ambiguous and at the same time very important.  “Grounding” and “Intention” are two of the hardest to comprehend or do, without some specific idea of what to do in your own body and without experiencing how they should and should not feel in a partner.

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Posted by on Jan 3, 2012 in Article, Beginning, Concepts | 0 comments

Teaching and Learning Argentine Tango from a Different Perspective

We believe, instead, that everyone has to learn the same things, regardless of role.

In the last post I talked about the common expectations and perspectives that new students of tango have or are commonly exposed to, a perspective that focuses on steps and isolating “followers” and “leaders” technique, claiming that they have different learning curves.  This approach can often leave students frustrated and does not give them the opportunity in the beginning to feel the beautiful connection and expression that keeps us all coming back to the dance.

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Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 in Article, Beginning, Concepts | 0 comments

Expectations, misconceptions, and perspectives on learning Argentine tango

The questionable argument is that, in the beginning, leaders have a steeper learning curve than followers.

In the process of my own learning, and now, again as we are helping new beginners to learn tango, I am questioning the way many of us have been taught and the perspectives that new dancers have, or are taught to have, shortly after they begin learning Argentine tango.

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Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Article, Beginning, Concepts, History, Posture, Visualization | 0 comments

What is TangoBreath?

We decided to link our practice of tango movement with breath, to create intention

We know that what we do is different, a bit unconventional.  When asked, “What is TangoBreath”, we explain a bit, and sometimes we get,”Cool! Yoga and tango!” other times we get “That sounds like a lot of work, I just want to learn some steps” or “I can practice that on my own”.  There are a number of perspectives to take when looking at what we do.  I thought it might be nice to give you our point of view.

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