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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Announcements, Asheville Events, Beginning, Past Events | 3 comments

Immersive Beginning Tango Class

Eric and Susannah of TangoBreath are excited to announce a new immersive beginning tango class!

This is the perfect opportunity to dive into this dance if you have been curious. And this is the class for you if you have been wanting to have an intense, working review of the heart of this dance — core movement, good posture, and refined body awareness!

This 4-hour class would cover essential technique in Argentine tango to prepare you to attend milongas (social dances) and practicas in a much shorter time than a more traditional series. We will also be inviting experienced dancers in our community to participate, so that you will have the opportunity to work with individuals who can give you personalized and knowledgeable feedback during the class.

Sunday, August 26th

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The West Asheville Vineyard, 717 Haywood Road

$40.00 pre-registration

We need to have a minimum number of participants to offer this class, so we encourage you to pre-register or contact us soon, if you are interested!

Additional IMPORTANT information:

We structure our classes in unique ways in order to delve into deep studies and explorations of our bodies and the material. Since we want you to get the best experience and assimilate the most from this intense class, we will have some required exercises and material before the lesson. We will provide all of this material to you two weeks in advance.


Immersive Beginning Tango Class $40
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Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 in Announcements, Asheville Events | 0 comments

TangoBreath and TangoLab classes, Wednesday, February 15th

Argentine Tango classes for beginning and advanced dancers,
Every Wednesday in Asheville!

Join us this Wednesday, for another tangoBreath and tangolab.

Check out our new article on Forward head posture.
Last week’s body awareness challenge is Balance your head!“.

In this week’s class we are continuing with creating a yummy embrace as we explore changes of direction and pivots. Including variations on the incredibly simple ocho cortado.

In TangoBreath we will continue our work from previous classes with adornos by adding a few more.  These movements are becoming more important as we continue to explore their effect within the embrace in TangoLab.

In TangoLab  we will begin, as always, with presence in the embrace and subtle core movement. This is the perfect way to start learning Argentine tango. We will continue working with variations in linear movement while we begin incorporating the many choices in direction when following a pivot.

We will continue our exploration of the ocho cortado and variations. Find out why the ocho cortado is just a fancy name for a simple everyday step. We will examine this very simple movement, and the options for exiting it as single movements which can be applied everywhere, not just following the two steps that are called “ocho cortado”.

As always our class will incorporate changes in direction, and how our internal movement brings life to the embrace. Including how to find which foot your partner is on while creating the opportunity for adornos, and a dynamic, great feeling embrace.

This week’s orchestra is Rodolfo Biagi, perfect for being hit over the head with phrasing and learning to search out sweetness.  This week we will bring out the kiki and bouba, so the music will be extra fun.

Wednesday at Homewood, 19 Zillicoa, Asheville, NC. Map.

Classes start at 7:00, Practica starts at 9:00, BYOB.

There are no prerequisites for any of the TangoLab classes.

TangoBreath: 7:00 $5
TangoLab: 8:00 $5
Practica: 9-11:00 $7
Entire Night: $12

We hope to see you there!

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Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in Asheville Events, Past Events | 0 comments

TangoBreath workshop with two tango classes and a milonga.

TangoBreath workshop with two tango classes and a milonga.

Two special focus tango classes and another great Homewood milonga.

Saturday, February 25th, in Asheville.

At Homewood, 19 Zillicoa, Asheville, NC. Map

Hips, sacrum, coccyx.If you have been to our tango classes, you know we always incorporate the pelvic floor in its role toward solid, fluid and confident movement. Here is your chance to get a full dose of what it takes to be fully aware of how to use your hips, sacrum and tailbone in every tango movement.

Creating a dynamic embrace with internal spiral and the resulting adornos is key to creating smooth fluid movement that feels good to your partner.

Fibonocci spiralWe follow up our pelvic floor class with a class on how to visualize and attain fluid movement. This includes creating dynamic tension and compression within the embrace, and how adornos and internal movement play a part in making the embrace feel amazing, all while we explore several different sacada’s and how to find them. All of the visualizations and technique for creating fluid movement can be applied to all aspects of dancing tango. Learning to find all 36 regular sacada’s can change the way you think about Argentine tango movement, and open doors to many other possibilities. These classes are all level, but will increase in difficulty to challenge dancers of all abilities.


From floor to pelvic floor: free your hip, the rest will follow.  1-2:30 PM Coming to a deeper understanding of our dynamic pelvic region gives access to stable & fluid movement. Using the pelvic floor is the key to being a solid lead or follow.

Visualizing and creating fluid movement on the path to every sacada.  3-4:30 PM Learn visualization and technique to create fluid, delicious movement within the embrace, while we learn how to find all of the sacadas. Visualization of pivots and spiral while creating various adornos is a big part of this class. This class will be equally challenging and interesting to both leaders and followers. The pelvic floor class is a pre-requisite for this class.


Lisa Jacobs will be our DJ.

Acupressure and Tui Na (Chinese massage) by Katie Bruce L.AC.
We are pleased to announce that Katie Bruce L.AC. will be offering acupressure and some Tui Na (Chinese Massage) during the milonga.
Visit Katie’s web site for more information!
Katie will be available from 8:00-10:00 for suggested donation of $10.

Some wine, snacks and, as always, a special treat prepared by Susannah will be provided. BYOB.

Private Lessons

As always, we will be available for private lessons. Please contact us to make arrangements.


Full pass (both classes and milonga) $40
A la Carte “From floor to pelvic floor.” $25
Milonga $12
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Posted by on Jan 1, 2012 in Asheville Events, Past Events | 0 comments

Angel and April, Workshop and Homewood Milonga

Angel and April, Workshop and Homewood Milonga

Angel Montero and April Parker from Atlanta, GA

An Argentine tango workshop and Homewood milonga in Asheville.

A Special TangoBreath event! An Argentine tango workshop and Homewood milonga, featuring two tango classes taught by Angel and April of Atlanta, the Homewood milonga will be DJ’d by Angel Montero.

At Homewood, 19 Zillicoa, Asheville, NC. Map


Surprise Boleos, 1-2:30 PM
A comprehensive class including a review of basic boleo technique and a new approach to choreography by introducing boleos in unusual places.

Spicing up your Milonga, 3:00-4:30 PM
Everybody likes watching April and Angel dance milonga. Their key is not the choreography, but the way they add new dimensions to their dance. Come learn the secret.

HOMEWOOD MILONGA DJ’d by Angel Montero

8:30 PM to 1 AM

Private Lessons

April and Angel will be available for private lessons
on Sunday, following the workshops. Please contact us to make arrangements.


Full pass (both classes and milonga) $40
A la Carte “Surprise Boleos” $25
A la Carte “Spicing up your Milonga” $25
Milonga $10
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