Exploring your range of axis

The ability to move our axis horizontally in space is one of the key ways we communicate, explore just how far you can go.

This week’s challenge is about becoming aware of your line of gravity and range of axis.
Your line of gravity is an imaginary line that rises vertically from the ground, through your center of gravity.   The challenge is to move your center,  that spot at the top of your sacrum, away from the line of gravity without falling over.   Explore how far you can go, and what it takes to go further.

You can do this anywhere you happen to be standing still.  The bus stop, standing in line,  try not trip anyone…   Here are some hints.

  • Bend your knees.
  • Stand on one leg.
  • Relax and drop your free hip.
  • Keep your spine stretched up and straight, as if it is floating on top of your sacrum.
  • Extend your arms and leg for balance.


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