Balance your head

The positon of your head can have a profound affect on your posture, here’s a practice you can do anytime, anywhere

head forward posture is bad for you.This week’s body awareness challenge is continuing with posture awareness. This week we are creating awareness of forward head poster with “balance your head”. Forward head posture can be the source of several other posture problems. All of which make Argentine tango and life, more difficult.

Balance your head on top of your neck.

Do this anytime you can think of it. Every time you stand up or walk across the room, or down the hall. Breath deep, stretch your spine all the way up through your neck and head. try to be taller without tilting your head. Keeping your chin level, bring your head back until it feels balanced at the top of your neck. Visualize all of your the vertebrae in your neck stacked up like blocks with your head on top. You may want to push back on your chin with your finger, or maybe you can just move your head forward and back until you feel it settle on top of your neck.

Stand with your back against a wall.

You can check yourself by standing with your back to a wall. Put your head back too, this should be pretty close to the right position, your ears should be centered above your shoulders.  Your line of gravity should go straight up from your feet, through your neck and head.

Benefits to your Argentine Tango

Good head posture is the first step toward having good overall posture. Forward head posture leads to slouched shoulders, and a collapsed chest, which leads to a vague presence in the embrace, and a spongy feel to the lead or follow.  No one wants to feel spongy to their partner.  Lift your head, stretch your spine, breath deep.  Flatten you shoulder blades and look around at the world with your head floating nicely on top of your spine. Your day will be nicer, and so will your tango.

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